We’re Raising Money for Charlotte Charity Lily Pad Haven and Fighting for Change

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FASHION D’LUX is constantly evolving and looking for ways to partner locally with talented individuals in the creative space. We’ve chosen Lily Pad Haven as our partner charity and help them further their cause.

This year’s event is empowering a movement and fighting for change. The theme is Modern Masculinity: The New Male Warrior, which has been positioned around Natalie Viglione, Founder of Team Gu and the Disrupt Now Program and Podcast, and her concept of what it means to be a New Male Warrior. This is a man that embraces feminine energies as a complement to the masculine and is a “warrior” fighting for the empowerment of women, is driving us towards a future without gender inequalities, and is supporting the elimination of human trafficking.

The featured charity partner that the event will be raising money for is Lily Pad Haven, a Charlotte-based nonprofit that provides housing and integrated care for survivors of human trafficking. Since 2011, Lily Pad Haven has provided over 10,000 nights of safe housing to 72 survivors and their children.

“We’re incredibly excited! We will feature an almost all-male model cast, and have incredible designers on our runway. We are creating something bigger than ourselves this year and raising awareness around some very important topics.” said Peter Carey, Founder of PAC Public Relations and FASHION D’LUX.

“Currently, we exist in a divided world where men and women struggle for balance. What if we lived in a world where genders were equal? What if men and women worked in harmony instead of acting as separate entities fighting for power? This event is to say thanks to the men out there that are the New Male Warriors of today.” said Viglione.

For more information and to buy tickets, go to www.fashiondlux.com.

If you’d like to learn more about Lily Pad Haven and the amazing things they do to help female survivors of human trafficking, please go here: http://lilypad-haven.org/. 

You can connect with Lily Pad Haven and learn more about them here: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LilyPadHaven/?ref=br_tf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lilypadhaven

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