New Bravo TV Show Says NO to Women: Do We Need MORE Gender Bias in TV?


“No women allowed” is a rule on a new Bravo late night show… What?


In a time where the separation of genders are going through a huge revolution, Bravo TV thinks it’s a good idea to further separate gender and cause more bias to become prominent in television. WHY? Because there wasn’t enough gender bias happening already in entertainment? Gets worse, read on…

Bravo’s new show called “Real Men Watch Bravo” is real and will be executive produced by Andy Cohen. Back to that question though – WHY?!

Let’s reflect for a moment on where we’re at in time. Currently, we see a huge swing in the gender pendulum. From one extreme to another, but regardless it’s a time where the bottom line is about seeking balance. Women just want to be seen, heard for what’s right, and known for just being a human. And, this event we’re throwing has a creative vision that is entirely grounded around that kind of good DISRUPTION! 

We’re celebrating The New Male Warrior and that is coming to life through fashion and art, with a focus on raising money for an important nonprofit’s agenda that helps human trafficking survivors transition their lives after trauma (Lily Pad Haven).

The foundation of this event is incredibly simple but incredibly powerful. It’s about celebrating real men (aka the modern masculine type of male) who supports the evolution of women today, and want to bring the genders TOGETHER. They’re all about empowering women and they’re right beside us fighting for equality and change, but this new show on Bravo is the total opposite of that! We don’t need more of this kind of opposition, do we?

I think that RIGHT NOW is the time to bring balance back into the world; bring the masculine and feminine energies TOGETHER. This affords us the ability to make forward progress for our planet as humans. It’s a time where we shouldn’t always have hidden agendas and fight for control, it’s a time where we should be striving for gender bias becoming a thing of the past. That’s the goal and we dare entertainment networks to empower THAT versus the other…

For more information on this Bravo show, go watch Huffpost’s video.



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